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your nearshore
fishing charter!



    Your nearshores charter trip will target fish from the Mayport Jetties and beyond to a couple of miles from the beautiful Jacksonville Beaches. 

     This is one of NE Florida's most exciting fishing, and most of the fishing will be done around nearshore wrecks and small ledges, at the Mayport Jetties, and along the beaches. We will target Redfish, Black Drum, Sea Trout, Mackerel, King Mackerel, Tarpon, Sheepshead, Jacks and Sharks.  Most of these fish can be caught throughout the year though. King Mackerel, Spanish mackerel, Sharks, and Tarpon more durning the warmer and summer months. I will let you know what is biting the best at the time of your booking. 

     We use only the best, Diawa Saltist spinning reels geared up with 15 - 40 braided line and always with a few feet or more of fluorocarbon leader, and a light weight circle hook to seal the deal. You will be using some of the industry's finest fishing gear. That in its self is a treat to some. 

    There are many more things I would like to share with you about your trip, the creatures we will see, and the places we will visit. Feel free to call, text or email me with any of your questions. Thank you!

Capt. Stephen Bailey


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