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Your Offshore
fishing charter!

     Your offshore charter will take you beyond the beaches 10-30 miles offshore depending on length of trip, and into the beautiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean! Get ready to head to nearshore spots, and depending on the weather and water conditions, will find us fishing in 75-115' of blue water for a variety of Florida's game fish. Red Snapper, Tarpon, Grouper, Cobia, Grunts, Triggerfish, Spanish Mackerel,King Mackerel, and Sharks, will all come into the boat, depending on the time of year.

     Full day trips will offer more productive fishing time, and allow us to target several fishing areas as well as catching live bait to greatly increase our chances with quality fish. There are many  spots with ledges and limestone/rock reefs and wrecks to provide plenty of action, and rod bending on half day trips as well. 

   For bait, we will use live cigar minows, Spanish sardines, Pin fish, Grunts, finger mullet, cut squid, shrimp or frozen sardines. Heavy duty spin and conventional outfits to handle some of the ocean's toughest fish. So, eat a good breakfast, please don't party too much drinking the night before your offshore trip to avoid being sea sick, and get ready to have a great day on the water!

     One other thing. The Florida sun is powerful, so please bring good sunscreen 30+ protection. Your skin will thank me years from now. My beautiful boat does feature a very large fiberglass t-top that offers some protection from the sun, but generally, you will be fishing in the sunshine. Those days that are cloudy or overcast STILL produce strong UV rays, so don't forget to still use the sun protection. 

    Your Captain on your  fishing charter will share with you valuable fishing tips for the area and specific fish to be targeted, as well as his vast knowledge of the creatures and waters found in this beautiful part of the world. Thank you for allowing me to share my passion, love, and my beautiful back yard with you!


Capatin Stephen Bailey


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